Of course, it’s only right that the sequel to R. Kelly’s Black Panties be titled, White Panties. CTFU! The Trapped in the Closet creator can do nothing without a follow-up to a single or an album.
“And you can expect a whole other level,” Kelz tells V Magazine about his next release – as if he could reach ANOTHER level.
The, “Cookie” artist also mentions working on a duet track for Mary J. Blige and himself. Kelz is even thinking a duo album. INTERESTING. Check out the jump for more.

JaaiR (JR)

“I’m in the studio right now working on a song for me and Mary. I’m even looking forward to proposing that we do a whole album together. But this is the first I’ve mentioned it. The ‘King & Queen’ album.”

INTERESTING! Now, check out the gallery for a girl with NO PANTIES!