I might be a ‘bit’ on a conspiracy theorist, but this is one odd ass ‘coin’cidence. 28 year old(American) Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke was found dead in Singapore, with what is being called(for now) an apparent suicide by local authorities, which is like a day after the 1st Bitcoin bank, Flexcoin, was hacked and robbed, come on man, this is crazy, some real ‘Jason Bourne conspiracy’ stuff man.

Tat Wza

Of course they have to wait for the autopsy with toxicology for an official cause of death, but this is very suspicious(to me at least). Radtke was a former Apple employee, and also worked with many other Tech firms out in the Valley, Silicon Valley that is, but Bitcoin was her ‘baby’ though.

The Flexcoin robbery, which thieves got away with 896 bitcoins, which translates to about 600K, is still being investigated. Technically the 2 are unrelated as Bitcoin is virtual currency and Flexcoin is just the place it’s stored, but it’s just strange is all(once again to me).


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