Justin Bieber x Selena Gomez

After Justin Bieber reportedly walked out of his deposition in Miami yesterday, he has taken his talents to Texas today, and has been caught leaving a Starbucks and a few other places with his ex Selena Gomez.

Adriela Batista

JB and Selena Gomez although broken up have been allegedly seen in the same Starbucks, Royal Perfume, where the two bought two fragrances, CK and Pour Homme by Givenchy. The two were also seen eating Breakfast at Don Pepe’s in McAllen Texas. Selena is performing this Saturday in Hidalgo.

Usher is performing in Texas as well, but his concert is 5 hours away from the Hidalgo, Bieber-Gomez sighting. Bieber has recently professed missing the pop star through Instagram, so the meeting would make sense.

The two clearly have a lot to catch up on, hopefully their time spent turns out better for both!