Inez Sanchez dropped her lawsuit she filed against her Ex, Pedro Quezada. Last Spring, Quezada won the Powerball Jackpot for $338 million, however, he opted for the lump sum of $152 million. While opting for the lump sum, he also opted out of his 10-year relationship with Sanchez. In return, she decided to sue for half of his earnings. Despite their long relationship and the fact that they have a child together, as of 1939 New Jersey doesn’t recognize common law marriage, therefore she had no real case. When he won, Quezada also promised his neighbors that he would pay all of their rent… but he didn’t. Hit the jump to see what else Quezada did — or didn’t– do after he “made it.”

Jamaal Fisher

According to MailOnline:

Pedro Quezada, 44, of Passaic, New Jersey, also reneged on the vows he made to his delighted community that he would pay the rent of his whole street, his neighbors claimed.
He skipped his apartment without even paying his own $700 rent, his former landlord claimed to MailOnline.
The grandfather, who was in arrears with child support to the tune of $30,000 when he hit the lottery, enjoyed positive national headlines when a friend claimed that he’d stump up a month’s rent for all of the neighbors on his small hardscabble street block.

In addition to the false hope he supplied the community, Quezada also decided not to show up for work. In fact, no one has seen him since he left the limelight.

His former landlord, Kujtim Sulejmani, told interviewers, “It doesn’t get any lower than that. He won the lotto and then he moved out. He didn’t even pay his own [rent] – forget the rest of them.”

One of his customers at Big Apple Deli on 8th Street went on to say, “He didn’t come back here. He didn’t remember where he came from. He forgot.”

I guess the money changed him.

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