Gerard Pique

Well we knew it had to be a reason as to why sexy Colombian singer Shakira, decided to turn the dial up on the sex appeal factor. Duh, the obvious reason being to bait people into buying your music and consuming every bit of product with the star’s face attached to it. In actuality the switch had nothing to do with sales and solidifying her spot as a sex symbol but more to do with….

Shakira’s baby’s father, Barcelona soccer player, Gerard Pique is not having her entertain male love interest in her videos AT ALL. They are actually banned all together from her music videos according to him. Sounds like your typical hot headed latin lover you know and love? Actually Shakira doesn’t mind it! She actually likes a man that “protects his turf” as she called it. Hmmm…a woman that moves her hips quite like Shakira…. we get it breh. Hopefully his display of “protectiveness” doesn’t land her in anymore hot water with Colombian politicians claiming she’s promoting lesbianism…

*Checkout photos in the gallery of Shakira and hunky man.

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