When thinking of best scorers you would think of Ray Allen himself and when he says it’s someone else on the Heat naturally you would assume it’s Lebron James but no there’s someone else on the team who’s production is quite the pleasant surprise.

Shay Marie

After his numerous on the court and off the court issues many fans were reluctant about the reacquisition of Michael Beasley but he turned out to be a big help for the team.  He’s played so well he’s garnered the respect and praise of Ray Allen.

via Miami Herald:

Ray Allen calls Beasley the team’s “best scorer,” and his 51.4 shooting percentage is by far a career high, well above his 45.1 career mark. He’s third on team and 29th in the league (minimum 40 games) in points per 48 minutes at 26.0.

Personally I’ve always had faith in Beasley.  He’s always had the talent but just wasn’t living up to his potential.  His second go around with the Heat seems to be working out for the better this time and we can attribute that to the players on the team.

Has this experience still been enjoyable for him?

“Definitely,” he said. “To be around this group of guys is a privilege. Guys I’ve looked up to since I was 6, 7 years old. Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James. It’s like a family here.”