I guess when you were married to someone famous and become a reality star people basically listen to whatever you have to say.  Mayte Garcia the ex-wife of legendary singer Prince was also a cast member of the show “Hollywood Exes” and turns out to be a huge fantasy football fan.  She decided to share some tips on who not to draft with some unconventional reasons as to why.

Shay Marie

She just gave TMZ Sports her top 5 guys to STAY AWAY FROM in 2014.

1) Philip Rivers: “I believe he has 7 kids. How do you remember a playbook when you have to remember all those kids’ names?”

2) Reggie Bush: “If they play Kanye West songs in the stadium, it could force him to have a flashback of Kim Kardashian”

3) Dez Bryant: “Anyone who ‘allegedly’ slaps their mother shouldn’t get to celebrate in the end zone.”

4) Andy Dalton: “He has red hair. Has there ever been a fantasy stud with red hair?”

5) DeAneglo Williams: “He’s going to have a bad season because he’s a hunter. And I’m an animal lover.”

Do what you will with this advice…