Almost a year and a half later, the father of Sandy Hook Elementary shooter, Adam Lanza speaks out on his son’s horrible and extreme actions taken on Dec. 2012. Drop down bottom have a look at Peter Lanza’s statement.

JaaiR (JR)

“You can’t get more evil than that,” says Peter Lanza about his son taking the life of 20 children and six adults. He can’t even bare to look at photos of his child any more, especially with the wishes of Adam’s existence never happening.
“I beat up myself with the fact that he’s my son. A lot,” Peter tells, The New Yorker’s Andrew Solomen. Such harsh, yet honest feelings to say about your child, but than again, Peter also feels that ‘Adam would have killed me in a heartbeat” if give the chance.
While, Peter wasn’t one of his son’t fatalities, people from around the world still sends him all kinds of things such as candy. Candy that he’s scared to even eat, since he has no way of knowing if its been poisoned or not. But, he still keeps it….