Mophie_Space case
Ok I saw this at CES, and got so excited about asking for one for product review, I didn’t get a pic, and didn’t talk about it because I was still hoping to get a hold of one, but since they will be in most stores this week, and already on line at Amazon, and Apple has it on there site as well(but it’s about $50 more) it’s def time to make sure you know about it!

Tat Wza

So of course the Space Pack from Mophie is key in keeping your iPhone charged longer than without it, but like I said, those that find themselves running out of storage space(S/O to all you 8GB people!) this is a MUST HAVE! There are NO other cases that provide storage for your iPhone, and this is generally not necessary for Android users since most Android devices have a MicroSD card support, all of which makes the the Space Pack, extremely unique!!

Ok here’s how it works:

At the bottom of the space pack is a built in drive that stores your photos/videos/files locally(meaning not in any cloud storage), and uses an app, in the app store of course, to manage the files that go to this local storage, so it’s not a matter of more space right to your iPhone, the storage is in the case. I have to give you a major warning, which is really the same warning for any power up case, and iPhone, water damage, it will destroy this device and erase any memories you gathered and stored on this case. The space pack comes in 2 sizes, 16GB, and 32GB, and yes that on top of what you have, so if you have a 8GB iPhone, and add 16GB, you will essentially have a 24GB iPhone, and 40GB if you add a 32GB space pack. 0_0

Here’s the last thing, the space pack is for the iPhone 5 and 5S, so if the iPhone 6 is truly redesigned and a diff size, the space pack will not be good for it…for now…but those are problems you don’t have to really think about when you’re running out of ‘space’ right now!!