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Yes, the rumors are true.  Rashard Mendenhall is retiring from the NFL at the age of 26 (played 6 years in the league).  Many want to know WHY?!  Well he explained his reasoning.  Check it out…




Former Arizona Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall was tired of living a “private life in the public eye” as an NFL player, which included being called racial slurs online, he wrote in his most recent blog for Huffington Post in which he explained why he retired at 26 years old.

Mendenhall wrote that he wasn’t going to hold a news conference or announce his retirement, but after telling those close to him, there was a general sense of surprise, which led to his explanation.

“I just kind of wanted to disappear,” Mendenhall said. “The fact that I was done playing would’ve been clear once some time had passed, and I hadn’t signed back with the Cardinals or any other team. Maybe people would’ve thought I couldn’t get another job. Either way, I was okay with the idea of fading to black, and my legacy becoming, ‘What ever happened to that dude Rashard Mendenhall? He was pretty good for a few years, then he just vanished.’ ”