Shame Shame SHAME! The sunglasses Paul Walker had on at the time of his fatal car crash in November along with the fire extinguisher used to try and save his life as well as some other items are being auctioned off. Take it down bottom for the deets on this money making scheme plan.

JaaiR (JR)

The seller of the items are auctioning off a pair of sunglasses, a fire extinguisher and some car material on BidAMI.com. So far, the bids have reached $605. The seller, who was on the scene in November, mentions that he didn’t realize the significance of the items he found, until he saw photos of the actor, prior to his death. Hence the idea for his come up!
What will a person do with these things?! I smell hell in the future!

Check out the gallery for the items being auctioned off!