Same dash goes to court

Damon Dash is up to his old antics. The former head of Roc-A-Fella showed up over an hour late to his court hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court. He is currently facing a $1 million lawsuit from his ex Linda Williams, after allegedly getting her falsely arrested. Sheesh! To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Aside from being tardy to his court date, Dash also was displeased with the media presence. He got into a spat with a reporter outside the court, calling her “racist”. The reporter wasn’t the only one Dame labeled prejuidice. A court officer who motioned him to sit in the audience because he was late, was called racist too. But the circus didn’t stop there. Dash was eye balling the reporter, he ran into earlier before his proceeding, and the judge demanded him to knock it off. At this point any regular person would have just cut the b.s., but in true Damon Dash form – he sassed the judge too. The Hip Hop mogul told your honor, “I can’t look? Nothing wrong with looking …Ok — I won’t put my eyeballs on her.”

Um Dame, how is your behavior going to help your ruling with the jury?