Wow, one Texas father has found his way into a hospital after having an apparent panic attack shortly after he shot and killed his 16-year-old daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend. It wasn’t revealed that the boy was his daughter’s boyfriend. Another daughter had called in her father once she heard the boy. When the father came in –gun in hand– the boy reportedly reached for something. At that time, the father fired killing him. Hit the jump to see what else happens.

Jamaal Fisher

According to Daily Mail, “at first, the daughter denied knowing the boy and an argument ensued between the stranger and the father when he wouldn’t listen to the father’s commands. During the argument, the boy reached for something, forcing the father to shoot. Despite his reach, the boy was unarmed. It wasn’t until after the incident that the 16-year-old revealed that the 17-year-old was her boyfriend. The revelation sent the man in shock. He’s now in the hospital for symptoms of a panic attack. As of now, no charges have been filed.