The things people do for money, smh. Liz Dickson, who was working at a playboy golf tournament back in 2012 is now suing Playboy and the golfer after a stunt went wrong. She claims she was instructed to lay on her stomach and comedian/golfer Kevin Klein was going to hit a golf ball off of her a**. Things didn’t exactly work out as expected. Hit the jump.


A golf tee was placed between Dickson’s butt cheeks and Klein was supposed to hit the ball off the tee. Instead because he is a comedian and not a professional golfer, he missed and instead all he hit was her butt with the metal golf club. She claims it caused her extreme pain and caused damage that is permanent. She is now suing for $500,000 and both Playboy and Klein are part of the suit. Imagine being hit in the side of the a** with a gold club? Has to be very painful. Then again that’s what happens when a comedian thinks he is a pro golfer.