Walter “Snowball” Williams, the man that was found alive in a body bag after mistakenly being pronounced dead has died. He died Thursday and his families says they’re just thankful to have had more time with him. Read the full story after the jump.


The 78-year-old Mississippi man who woke up inside a body bag at a funeral home has died, according to his family members.
Walter Williams awoke in the funeral home two weeks ago kicking and screaming after a coroner accidentally ruled him dead. Paramedics rushed him to a hospital and he was released a few days later. Doctors said a mix of medicines may have caused his vital signs to appear unresponsive.
His family, grateful to have spent some extra time with Williams, spoke to reporters about their loss.
“Well, they came and got him again around 4:15 a.m (Thursday),” said Williams’ nephew, Eddie Hester. “I think he’s gone this time.”
“The same coroner and the same funeral home director came this time, and when they got there, I said, ‘I thought y’all were going to send somebody else,’ and we laughed about it. Everybody laughed,” Hester said.
“It was a two-week miracle for me and I enjoyed every minute of it, and my family did too,” Hester said.