Malaysian Airlines
It’s been nine days since the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and a lot of speculation and theories have been floating around by US Officials and Malaysian authorities and none seem to coincide with each other.

That was until recently when news developed that the plane may have indeed been hijacked. But the question still remains who is responsible?!

Nqobi C

Another theory has emerged from U.S intelligence officials that the captain and co-pilot of the flight were in charge for the disappearance of the aircraft. A search was done to the pilots home. There have been no official conclusions to the theories.

The flight was en route to Beijing when just after making its final communication with Kuala Lumpur air traffic control, the aircraft took a sharp turn out of route.

To be able to do that, the intentional left turn was programmed into the planes navigations system which requires major pilot experience to carry out. Background checks are being held on the passengers of the flight to see if one of the had prior pilot experience to carry off the hijack. Not all countries of the passengers are responding.

Intensive research is being done to find out who may have carried out the inside job. The last theory, suggested the plane may have been hijacked and landed in the Andaman Islands. No theories have been ruled out yet.