Sony Lawsuit

That’s racist! According to Courtney Barnes, an Entertainment Publicist formerly on Sony Music’s roster and the publicist to Fantasia Barrino, he was dismissed on the basis of racism after….

Sony V.P.—Sarah Dennison put pressure on Barinno to fire Barnes after a couple of days of working with Fanny. According to Barnes, Dennison hated him and wanted to see him out. Supposedly Dennison placed pressure on Barinno and threatened to “screw her over” if she didn’t drop Barnes. The reason given to Barnes for being dismissed, Dennison had heard he had a reputation for “shady business practices”.

In the lawsuit, Barnes suggests “shady business practices” is code for racism. Barnes is currently suing for $250K in damages citing for stress, and irrevocable damage done to his reputation which resulted in losing entertainer Brandy as a possible client.

Hmm, what do you think readers? Sound accurate or a possible ploy to score major bucks?

Andrea G