While its been ten days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared investigators are still puzzled and left pondering just what happened to the flight? Were the pilots or airport ground staff indeed involved with hijack plot?The biggest questions looming over authorities now….where is the plane…And more importantly its 240 passengers?….

CNN dissects

Where are investigators searching now?

Report: Plane flew as low as 5,000 feet Private ships search for missing flight Waiting is the hardest part for families A look at history’s biggest mysteries
The search has expanded to cover large swaths of land and sea, including 11 countries and deep oceans.

What’s one main focus of the investigation?

Malaysia’s Prime Minister has said that somebody deliberately steered the plane off course. That means the pilots have become one obvious focus for investigators.

What do we know about key moments on the flight?

Authorities say the last transmission from that system came early in the flight, at 1:07 a.m. But they say they don’t know exactly when the system was shut down, as the next transmission wasn’t due until 1:37 a.m. Someone inside the cockpit, believed to be the co-pilot, made the plane’s last verbal communication with air traffic controllers at 1:19 a.m., saying, “All right, good night.” The transponder was then switched off at 1:21 a.m., authorities say, and all civilian radar lost contact with the plane altogether about 1:30 a.m

Check out video below to see what investigators have plotted out thus far, and be sure to check out CNN for full detailed report!

Andrea G