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TRUST ME when I say I get it, but the Phil Jackson hiring didn’t help at all?!  At the beginning of the month we learned that some fans are planning a protest against owner James Dolan this Wednesday (as Knicks take on the Pacers).  Well apparently the protest is still on — the Zen Master hiring hasn’t changed their minds.
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“The rally is still on,” Mark Griffin, one of the organizers of the protest, wrote in an email Sunday night. “As a group, we all share the same promise and hope that other Knicks fans have at the hiring of Phil Jackson. This is a good step, but it does not change our skepticism that Dolan will allow Phil the autonomy to bring a real competitor to Madison Square Garden. We’ve been sold the same promise and hope time again by this owner.”

The Knicks declined comment on the protest earlier this month and did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday night.

They have won a season-high six straight games and, according to sources, reached a deal with Jackson on Friday to hire the 13-time NBA champ as team president.

Jackson is expected to be introduced at a news conference Tuesday.