IFWT_MIA super bowl

Really?  We’re still talking about this?!  I wasn’t even going to share this story, but I still see people talking about it…so here you go!
The NFL is suing singer M.I.A for throwing up her middle finger during Super Bowl halftime performance in 2012. Hit the jump for details on that specific amount…



Via DailyMail:

Singer M.I.A. is fighting off a $16.6million (£10million) lawsuit over making an offensive gesture during an appearance at the Super Bowl half-time show in 2012.

The British-Sri Lankan artist, 38, raised her middle finger and swore at the camera while performing alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj, which led to the U.S. National Football League taking legal action.

After initially demanding M.I.A. pay a $1.5million ‘breach of contract’ fine, the NFL are now asking for a further $15.1million.

The NFL argue that this short cameo would be worth $15.1million had it been a TV advertisement, and so is suing M.I.A. for the sum.

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