IFWT_fight  4

Jazz guard John Lucas III & Rockets forward Francisco Garcia squared off at the end of the Rockets-Jazz game.  While it looked like it could have gotten ugly, it was actually kind of a weak fight — BUT fines will be handed out.  Check out what happened…



Via SI.com:

The near-fight occurred after an unusual late-game situation. With Houston leading by 38 points and the shot clock turned off, players on both teams began to mill around as Isaiah Canaan dribbled out the clock. Sensing an opportunity for a steal, Lucas sauntered over behind Canaan and poked the ball free from behind before taking off up the court. The Rockets gave chase, forcing Lucas to pass the ball and the clock ran out before the Jazz could get off a final shot.

Shortly after Lucas passed the ball, Garcia shoved him with a forearm in front of the Jazz’s bench. Lucas responded by using both of his hands to shove Garcia in the chest, and he then squared up with both fists as he shouted at Garcia, who briefly raised his own fists as well. Lucas threw one punch at the air before the two players could be separated, and the Toyota Center booed as Utah left the court.