No one is safe!!  There’s been all kinds of talks the past week with NFL trades and releases.  No one wants to hear that their being shopped or there’s even a thought that you could lose your place.  Well Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor has heard some rumors.  Check out what he had to say about it…



Via TMZ:

Terrelle Pryor tells TMZ Sports … he’s been training like a maniac this off-season — waking up at 5AM every day in pursuit of a starting QB job in the NFL.

Pryor was in Downtown L.A. yesterday when we just happened the 6’6″ football star — and asked him about rumors he could be shipped out of Oakland.   “I can’t really worry about the things I can’t control,” Terrelle said.

Still, the guy told us about his grueling training regimen — busting his ass with legendary trainer Travelle Gaines and working out at USC.