Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s mother has filed court documents asking for guardianship of Paul’s 15-year-old daughter … because the real mom has a BIG drinking problem. Cheryl Walker claims in her docs that Meadow and her mom, Rebecca Soteros, are already living with her but Rebecca can’t care for her daughter because of her alcoholism. Her mom has two DUI’s, one in 2003 and another last year. Meadow moved from Hawaii, which is where her mom lives, to live with Paul 3 years before he died because of her mom’s problems with drinking. Cheryl says she’s more than qualified — she’s raised 4 kids, she’s a registered nurse and is a loving person. Paul had said in his will he wanted his mom to be Meadow’s guardian … so it actually is what he wanted. One other note … the legal docs say Paul’s estate is worth $16 MILLION … a lot less than previously filed legal docs estimating his worth at around $25 mil.

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