Karrueche’s modeling career is beginning to take off! The 25 year old beauty, landed her first cover with Annex Magazine’s 2014 Spring issue. Inside the magazine we finally get to know her on a more personal level! She’s such a sweetheart, you may even be surprised! Check out the pics and the excerpts below!

Jayyiah Coles

Karrueche on what love means to her:

Love is beautiful. Love is the most important aspect in my life. I believe all things should stem from love and the heart, whether it be in your work space, family, relationships, friendships, etc. Once you learn to live through love, you achieve happiness. With those two main aspects in your life, everything else falls into place and it’s just right. There’s no better feeling to love and be loved. And you can’t buy that.

On Chris Brown criticism:

I was going through a situation that we all are very familiar of. I had a lot of criticism and comments about my current situation at the time. It was honestly very hard to deal with because people were saying really cruel things. Having to go through a rough time and then on top of that, having to deal with a ton of BS was a bit overwhelming. Never allow people’s opinions to justify your life. Live your life because at the end of the day, you’ve only got you.

On Her Future:

Right now I have various opportunities and I’m exploring all of them to see which is best for me. I absolutely love modeling and probably can do it forever. I’ve tested the waters with acting, but I think I’m a bit too shy. I haven’t really broken out of my shell.