Rachel Canning Is Suing Her Parents

Seriously, what’s good with people putting their children in the freezer?! A 25 year old man was sentenced to 16 years in prison after putting his 6 week old daughter in the freezer. I understand people can get overwhelmed with a crying baby but putting the child in the freezer? Is the crib overrated ?! Read the full story after the jump.

“Horrible and inexplicable” is what the prosecutor called the crime Tyler Deutsch did to his 6 week old daughter in January. The infant made a full recovery but when she was found she over several injuries.

Authorities say the child’s core temperature fell to 85 degrees in the freezer, after Deutsch put her there and then went to his bedroom and fell asleep. She also had a broken arm and leg and a head injury.

The mother found the child in the freezer and called 911.

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