Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors

Andre Miller returns to Denver on Sunday for the first time since the Nuggets traded him to the Washington Wizards. And it’s clear he’s still a little bothered by how he left the Mile High City.

Shay Marie

“I was made out to be the bad guy, the villain because I was the one complaining about minutes,” Miller told Yahoo Sports. “That wasn’t the issue at all.” When the Nuggets ended Miller’s streak of playing in 239 consecutive games — with the first “Did Not Play-Coach’s Decision” of his career — on Jan. 1, Miller screamed at first-year coach Brian Shaw. Miller also had a tirade in the locker room after the game, sources said. The Nuggets suspended him for two games without pay after the incident before excusing him from team activities with pay until the trade.

“They gave me an opportunity to represent Denver,” Miller said. “I tried to do that the right way, but I was looked at as the bad guy, a disgruntled player. [The Nuggets said] I was complaining about minutes and that was never the issue. They made it look that way, and that I was upset. I understand that they have to protect themselves as an organization, but don’t blast the player.

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