Roddy White is known for holding nothing back when it comes to sports talk on Twitter but one particular tweet cost him big time.  White predicted that Duke would win the NCAA tournament championship and one fan, Dylan Hoyt responded that they would be upset by the Mercer Bears.  White was so confident that wouldn’t happen he made a bet and promised Hoyt Atlanta Falcons season tickets, first row right on the 50-yard line.  Well the unthinkable happened, Duke lost to Mercer in the first round and White backtracked.

Shay Marie

Instead of season tickets, White said he would give Hoyt tickets to one game against the Bears since he’s a Bears fan.  Two problems here : 1. That wasn’t the initial promise 2. Hoyt is not a Bears fan, he’s a Falcons fan.  Hoyt only said “Go Bears” in reference to the Mercer Bears who beat Duke and by the way Mercer is located 90 miles south of Atlanta.

Fans of course let White have it for renigging on his bet so today he took to his Twitter account to try and explain why he didn’t totally fulfill his end.