Though many New York Jets fans are very excited about the signing of quarterback Michael Vick, there are others who still have a huge disdain for him.

Shay Marie

It’s been nearly five years since Vick served time for running a dog fighting operation and despite his numerous apologies and work with animal organizations many people still speak out and attack him.

As I posted yesterday, ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle was very unhappy about the signing and she wasn’t the only one.  Naturally PETA had something to say as well and even retweeted someone saying Vick should be given to a pack of rabid dogs.  Vick’s brother Marcus didn’t just let the comment slide and responded to PETA as only he would.


Sidenote: Marcus is known for saying some crazy things on Twitter just like Ron Artest’s brother Daniel.  He let it be known that now that Mike is no longer with the Eagles, he won’t be holding his tongue so yea…