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How do you just leave your dog?!  Seakhawks player Michael Bennett just signed a new $28.5 million contract and it looks like he’s already got an extra bill.  A judge had ordered him to pay up for abandoning a puppy last year.  Hit the jump for details…



Via TMZ:

Bennett was sued by the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility … after the 6’4″ defensive lineman dropped off his boxer, Koa … and never came back for the little guy.   Lucky Dog said they tried like hell to get ahold of Bennett, but he kept blowing them off … and never even paid the bill.

Now a Florida judge has ordered Bennett to pay up $8,268.80 asap … or else.  FYI — the judge also said Bennett will have to pay interest for every day he continues to duck the bill at a rate of 4.75%  per year.

If he doesn’t pay up, a collections agency could try to seize his assets.