Los Angeles Lakers v New Jersey Nets

Yesterday it was reported by the NY Post that former Nets player Quinton Ross had been killed.  He was allegedly stuffed into a trash bag and buried in a shallow grave.  A lot of news outlets ran with the story (including us, SI, CBS & more) trusting that the Post had their facts straight.  Well, nope — shortly later they corrected their story.  SMH.  The man killed had the same name, but it was NOT the former NBA player.
So how does Quinton feel about what happened?!  Check out his reaction…



Via USA:

Former SMU and NBA basketball player Quinton Ross had to ease the fears of friends and family members after he was erroneously reported dead.

He says he woke to a phone loaded with messages from people concerned about his well-being. He went online and found The New York Post had run a story identifying him as a man found dead and buried on a beach.

The 32-year-old Ross says he called loved ones and posted on Facebook to “let everybody know I was OK.”

He said: “I mean, it was a tough day, man. Mostly for my family and friends.”