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Last week after Michael Vick signed with the Jets, many realized that there could be an issue with jersey no. 7.  Geno Smith has been rocking it with the Jets and Michael Vick has always rocked it (from high school to Virginia Tech and on both NFL teams he’s played for).  So who gets to keep the number?!  It’s been worked out.  Check out what happened and who will wear it…



Via TMZ:

Mike Vick will not fight to wear #7 on his jersey during his stint with the NY Jets — and says it’s all out of respect for Geno Smith.

…Mike says, “I want to pick a new number for the Jets, Number 7 is Geno’s number.”

Sources close to Vick tell us … he has a lot of respect for the younger QB and doesn’t want any drama that could possibly divide the team and believes giving up #7 shows that he’s a mature and capable leader.

Vick says he hasn’t decided which number he’ll rock for Gang Green — but tells us, “I am open to suggestions.”