Chief Keef on IG

This is just sad. You can give someone all the opportunities and money in the world, but if they don’t WANT to leave their previous lifestyle, they won’t. That’s the reason Stack Bundles isn’t here with us now! (Though his situation wasn’t criminal-related like Chief Keef, he just didn’t want to leave the projects.)

A shooting early this morning in Chicago has one person currently in the ICU, and Chief Keef was not only confirmed as present, but he may have implicated himself with posts on Instagram. Hours before the shootout occured, Keef took to his IG to share various photos of himself and a friend, holding AK-47s and other guns. As of now, Keef’s lawyer says Keef wasn’t the shooter and that he “just happened to be present” when shots were fired. This doesn’t leave him from trouble, though! He’s currently on probation so this is definitely going to be a huge issue. We’ll keep you updated!

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ || Instagram