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Rajon Rondo needed 9 stitches to close a gash above his nose after being elbowed during yesterday’s game against the Raptors.  Without a doubt, the guy is tough … he even returned to the game after getting stitched up.  So what does LeBron have to do with any of this (besides their history)?!  In a postgame interview, Rajon was asked about wearing a mask and he decided it was a good time to take a small jab at LBJ.  Get it in where you can right?! Lol.  Check it out…



Via CelticsToday:

If you thought Rondo was though, what about his dry sense of humor? I love his jab at Lebron after he was asked about protective wear.

“Just the Band-Aid for now,” noted Rondo. “I might try to wear a mask, but I doubt it. A black mask.”


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