James Lowe, Lorde’s 24-year-old photographer boyfriend, who lives in New Zealand, has opened up about all the ups and downs of dating a Grammy-winning superstar. ‘As much as I miss her, I couldn’t be prouder of what she has achieved so far,’ he said of his girlfriend (pictured performing in Michigan last week), who is currently touring the U.S. Mr Lowe, who reportedly worked for Lorde as a photographer before they began dating, has been the subject of some hateful and racist internet attention in the past. Last summer, after a rumor surfaced that Lorde had called Justin Bieber and One Direction ‘ugly’, the pop stars’ fans took to Twitter to direct their hate at her boyfriend. But despite the negative attention that comes with having a girlfriend in the spotlight, he can’t help but be incredibly proud of her. See what he looks like below!

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