Hip-Hop trio Migos were scheduled to hit the stage at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines in Florida when problems sparked between the group and management, causing them to ditch the performance. The group left the club at around 3:30 AM and got on a party bus with a total of eight people. While riding along I-95 near the 62nd Street exit, a car pulled up to the van and opened fire, leaving one of the members of Migos injured with a gunshot wound to the leg. Someone on Migos’ van apparently had a gun also and exchanged bullets with the other vehicle. According to Lt. Joe Sanchez of the Florida Highway Patrol, a total of 12 bullets were fired. No official statement has been released from Migos yet, but I’m sure their story will fully detail what really went down.


Source: 24HourHipHop