Amber Rose
The love and loyal for B is real out there and no one is going to take a comparison to the Queen herself lightly! This time Amber Rose seems to have fall victim to the wrath of B’s Beyhive!

Nqobi C
Beyonce posted a picture to celebrate the end of the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”. In the pictures Jay-z and Beyonce are seen posing with the whole crew from the out with a bottle of Ace of Spades.

Amber Rose decided to share her version of the photo with hubby Wiz Khalifa and their crew from SXSW.

Amber captioned the photo,
@beyonce great minds think alike. U guys r so cute!

Soon after backlash followed as fan dissed her for even trying to compare herself to the power couple.
Apparently Amber took the photo long before but only decided to post it now.

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