Chelsea Handler

Well it looks like everyone’s favorite feather ruffler, Chelsea Handler is saying goodbye to her coveted space on the E! Network….

Fans will have just have to stay tuned because it appears that Chelsea Handler has decided to take her ‘talents’ elsewhere, then the E! Network, due to the fact that her contract is up…. and quite frankly because we know Handler is not one to mince words, she hasn’t been happy with her cable network home for some time. She recently called E! a “sad, sad place to live. They have no idea what they’re doing. They have no ideas.” Handler is currently waiting for her contract to expire before she moves on to greener pastures, and by the looks of it, Chelsea have a couple of network vying to have her make their network home. People actually like her dry sense of humor and off cuff remarks outside the E! channel?? Well according to her management Irving Azoff, “we have at least seven suitors and many ideas”. Hmmm so it looks like we will have to stay tuned to see where the talk show diva lands!

Will you tune in when Chelsea changes networks?

Andrea G

Radar Online