the Redskins Fan Feast at FedEx field

Over the weekend a woman that many referred to as a “groupie” posted a photo claiming to be in Robert Griffin III’s hotel room.  Of course many jumped to conclusions that he’s cheating on his wife & he’s been caught red handed.  Well the woman who took the pic is speaking out.  Check out what she had to say about the photo —  some still have doubts because it was 4a when the woman was in RG3’s hotel room, but it may not be what everyone thought…



Via TerezOwens:

…She DM’d me this:

“Just wanted to tackle this before anyone gets hurt. I was with one of RG’s ex college teammates who came to say what’s up to him before he left the next morning. Didn’t mean to insinuate that I was “with” RG or insult his wife. I was hanging out with my good friend who is Marcus Santa Cruz’s girlfriend and they wanted to go say hi to him while he was in town. There were 5 of us total that all came and left together and we were only there for a few minutes.”