Mandeecees & Yandy

It’s been a year since Love & Hip Hop: New York star Mendeecees Harris got knocked for being involved in an alleged drug ring, landing him in the pen upstate in Rochester, NY. In court, a judge granted the Harlem native a $600K bond. Luckily for him, his ride-or-die wifey Yandy Smith came through for her man with $200,000 of that. Mendeecees revealed to TMZ that the first thing he did as a free man was hit up the Chinese food spot with Yandy and get some candy to munch on for their long ride home. AW! Yandy also posted a pretty adorable video of her and her boo to her IG account, along with a bunch of “fresh out” flicks. Check it out in the gallery! And let’s pray he shows up for his trial because if not, Yandy is going to take that L for $200K. Ouch.

Source: TMZ