Yesterday, the tragic shooting that took place on Fort Hood, Texas’ military post involved 16 injured individuals and four deaths, one including the shooter – Spc. Ivan Lopez.
It’s been announced that the soldier did have mental health issues and was being treated for depression and anxiety in relation to a post traumatic stress disorder. Drop down below for more details.

JaaiR (JR)

“We do know that this soldier had behavioral health and mental health issues and was being treated for that,” said Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Army’s III Corps at the Texas post.

In 2011, Lopez did a four month bid in Iraq and upon hitting home had “self-diagnosed” a traumatic brain injury. “He was not wounded in action,” Milley said. However, he was taking medication.

Investigators are checking into whether Lopez had a criminal history, trying to learn more about the state of his mental health and his experiences in combat. There was no evidence that the shooting was terrorism related but nothing is being ruled out, Milley said.

Sad situation. Lopez was married and had a family. Military officials didn’t want to release his name until they’d notified the family of his suicide.