If you’re Team iPhone, it can be dangerous for you out in these streets, walking down the block looking at IG can make you a quick target for a ‘snatch and run’! Now here in NYC, police have become more familiar with Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ function to help track down your phone, which if you get them on the case asap, it should work, but a new found flaw brings light to the fact that a thief could possibly disable that feature!!

Tat Wza

9to5 has alerted us to the fact that with a few steps, and given time, your Find my iPhone can be disabled and iCloud account can be deleted, which would leave you to Never find/possess you iPhone again! This Video shows you the steps:

But you can go to the source to read the full instructions…But the end of the day seems to be, as long as you have a passcode, with a short timer to lock, you should be ok, even if you get your iPhone snatched while using, they won’t have time to take these steps while running away, and if your phone locks up in their pocket/hand/wherever they stashed it, they will not be able to stop your recovery efforts!!!