Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is coming to a month now, since it’s disappearance on March 8. No solid information about its whereabout have surfaced or what possible could have happened to it, until today.

Nqobi C

While on the South Indian Ocean, a Chinese vessel picked up a pulse signal north of the west of perth. The pulse signal was detected by a black box detector on the Veseel on Friday for 15 minutes at irregular intervals. At first, they believed it to be caused by other ships and vessels in the area but on Saturday, the signal was picked up again!
However this time for every second for 90 seconds.

The black box of any plane is made to release a pulse every second for 30 days! The frequency of a black box is very distinct from other noises, going at 37.5 per second. With just few days left to find the plane with aid of the black box, multiple planes, ships and submarines have headed to the west coast of Australia on south of the Indian Ocean to search.

Caution is being urged by officials because apparently this is not the first time that a glimmer of hope has shown up and disappointed many people.
No official word has been announced on whether the pulse is truly coming from the missing Malaysian Flight.