IFWT_Julius 1

You read the title, are you confused?  Yea I was too at first but oddly enough this seems to be normal for athletes.  As Jocks and Stiletto Jill points out, “athletes love a referral” and nothing showcases that more than this twisted little story.

Shay Marie

A few days ago we posted pictures of Green Bay Packers DE Julius Peppers hot new girlfriend.  Well it turns out there’s more to her than just being Reggie Bush’s ex.

Claudia Sampedro caught everyone’s eye when she was Bush’s girlfriend and reported Kim Kardshian look-a-like.  Well now not only is she dating Peppers, she’s also the alleged side piece of married soccer star Lassana Diarra.  Crazy right?  Wait there’s more.

Peppers reportedly broke up with his longtime girlfriend Lia Ames while she was pregnant.  In fact the picture Sampedro posted of she and Peppers on vacation was just a few days after Ames posted a picture of her new baby.

Sorted stuff.  All I can say is good luck to everyone involved.