ATM Machine

A man in Maine would have been “lucky”, if a woman didn’t call the cops on him. Find out how much he got by mistake after the jump…


$37,000, YES! The man went to a TD Bank Branch ATM machine to take out a simple $140 and it dispensed out $37,000! Instead of going to tell a bank teller of the error, he started to shove that money into a plastic bag.

A woman standing behind him waiting to use the ATM, called the police because he was taking a hell of a long time. Yea he was too busy getting that money! But, he wasn’t able to keep it. Once the cops arrived, they caught him stuffing the money in the bag.

Of course the money was returned to the bank and bank officials say they’re not going to press charges against the man. What caused this malfunction? Bank officials says the problem was a “code error” and no customer accounts have been affected.

What would you have done if you were this man?