The Washington Wizards clinched a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference currently holding the sixth seed.  It’s very close however between the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors and there’s a chance the Wizards could face a tough Bulls team in a 3-6 matchup.  After suffering a 96-78 loss to the Bulls last night in a game where they only had 26 points at halftime, the Wizards are hoping to get Nene back to give them some extra help.

Shay Marie

via J. Michael of CSN Washington:

Forgotten in the topsy-turvy end to the Wizards’ season is that while they’ve fallen a spot to the No. 6 seed, they’ve gone 12-9 without Nene. He’s likely to return from a left knee ligament strain this week, and just in time. When asked if they’d missed his presence after being dominated by the Chicago Bulls on Saturday, no one denied it. It was too obvious. …

“Nene gives us another facilitator. Against a team like this you need another one,” Wizards coach Randy Wittman said. “With John being one, Bradley can do some things off the dribble but Nene was another guy that can play like Noah does at the top with the ball in his hands, the passing and also the posting up that he does for us. That’s not an excuse why we lost.”