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We are looking for people with a serious Drive to get things done and looking to get ahead in life!

Understand this FIRST, we will train you on how content is found, the technical end of posting, how it works with social media, and how to become a digital professional giving you tools that one needs in this Digital world. Let’s Be Clear, there is NO other Pay, aside from possible college credit. This is like going to school for free, but you must still put in your time(prompt time) and energy, but Just remember, Hard Work Pays Off!!!!

You will Need To Be In The New York Tri-State(NJ/CT) Are for Training!

We’re specifically and actively looking for people who understand the importance of news, the relevance of popular culture(gossip), and the techniques of Technology.
IF you have what it takes;

– send resume and cover letter to [email protected] This applies to Different Sites, Like IFWT,, And so also let us Know which site you prefer!!!

Only the Serious need apply, cause you gone get this work!

This applies to Different