IFWT_Dunk denied  3

Hello Brooklyn!!  It was a debated block at the buzzer last night during the Heat/Nets game.  Mason Plumlee denied LeBron James’ dunk attempt with 2 seconds left & the Nets finished off a four-game sweep of Miami by beating the Heat 88-87 last night.
Check out what LeBron had to say about it after and watch the video for yourself — let us know what you think…



With Miami down by one and time running out, Rashard Lewis somehow got a pass from underneath the basket to James, who rose as Plumlee jumped to contest the play. Replays showed Joe Johnson made some contact with James as he started his move and that Plumlee hit the four-time MVP’s hand on the dunk try, but the Heat never got the call they wanted.

“My initial thought was to just foul and make him earn it at the free-throw line,” Plumlee said.

That’s precisely what the Heat thought he did.

“He grabbed my right hand,” James said. “He didn’t do it on purpose, but he got my right hand.”

Said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: “It was a foul from my vantage point. But what can you do?”