David Ortiz

Oh boy, here we go again with another athlete that wants to be a “rapper.”  Nope, it’s not LeBron or another NBA/NFL player — it’s Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.  He wants to drop a few lines on Drake’s next song.  Why do I have a feeling this is going to happen?!  Ok Big Papi, we see you.
The video is pretty entertaining, check it out…



Via AllHipHop:

Appearing on MTV’s Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave, Ortiz explains to Drake how his “Started From The Bottom” song was the Boston Red Sox’s theme song. Later, Ortiz makes a request to Drake that would begin his music career:

I really like when you say ‘now my whole crew f*cking here.’ Anyway, the reason I am writing you is to say, when you write the next anthem for Red Sox Nation, can I get in the studio and drop a few adlibs?

Check out Ortiz write his letter to Drake: