As Chuck Inglish’s recently released, ‘Convertibles’ continues to gain popularity, HipHopDx caught up with The Cool Kid, to discuss his debut album! Inglish discussed his obsession with cars being influenced by growing up in the ‘Motor City’, Detroit Michigan, the undying relationship between Hip Hop and cars, as well as his later piece. Check out his full response below!

Adriela Batista

Being born in Detroit, Michigan. It’s the “Motor City.” You come home from the hospital in a car; apparently I came home from the hospital in a Cutlass. Actually, I don’t know what kind of car it was. The first couple things I’ve ever seen had the Chevy logo on them. My parents, my grandfather and my uncles all worked for General Motors.

Music and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly, because most of the time you’re listening to your favorite songs in a car. You’re not really trying to roll down the window and pump the new shit while you’re in a Saturn. You want it to match. So when people were listening to new shit coming up on my block, they had rims on it, ground effects or fender work done to it. They had speakers on the outside of the door and shit. To me, that made a song become way more electric. When you’re listening to “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” coming down the block in a [Pontiac] Grand Prix and that shit has ground effects…the wheels are like three, four or five inches outside, the song is automatically cooler.

To me, I don’t envision anyone just playing my shit from their laptop saying, “Yeah, that’s that shit.” That’s not how I see it. In my mind, when you get in your car that you’re taking the cover off of, the first thing you put in is my shit. So the car influence is because that’s the environment I enjoy listening to music in the most.

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