In an interview with RevoltTV, Nas unveiled that he had a part in leaking his classic album ‘Illmatic’. The 10 track album, was pushed out quickly because of the leak, and Nas has admitted that although unintentionally he did have parts in the early release. Check out his full response below.

Adriela Batista

I heard a lot of stories, but I feel guilty too because I was making tapes for my friends. I didn’t think about it like, ‘My album’s gonna come out,’ but I made a few copies for my boys. Everybody wanted a copy so I just gave them a copy. It was playing in the neighborhood, so I thought it was cool that the neighborhood had the copies first until I heard [that] it was in [Los Angeles], Chicago, and all these different places. I was messed up for a minute. It was dope, too, at the same time because I knew people liked it. It was cool.